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Theme song, “Burst” written and performed by David W. Jacobson

Cubicle Wonderland
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Updated 05/23/13

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Zombie Shoot

Phase I: The Teaser

Since we could not shoot the movie premise in the venues we wanted, we decided to show stereotypical zombie scenarios then suggest how CUBE GHOULS will be very different. This teaser was entered into a national contest in 2007n and got us some Hollywood attention. Click the poster to see the trailer.

Cube Ghouls

Phase II: The Casting Call

Since Hollywood showed interest in the project, we went ahead with a casting call in August of 2008. We had quite a turnout! Another producer showed up and expressed interest in investing. Sadly, by October 2008, the economy hit the skids.  So, there we sat with a great zombie movie concept and no way to produce it!

Phase III: The Funding

We have done crowd-funding through  Kickstarter and IndieGogo. We even had an “Adopt-a-Zombie” campaign but still need more support! Zombie movies are guaranteed moneymakers! If interested, join our cause! Contact our business rep and CEO of Zogby Entertainment, Doug Zogby, at or call at 480-215-9518 for our full business plan with market analysis & strategy, production budget, distribution, and ROI.

Phase IV: The Production

We shamble along with zombie steps, but we will get there! Now we have three production companies collaborating on the Cube Ghouls goal of feature film production. Either that or we bring it to the stage. Now there’s a terrifying thought!

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